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Piqler Studio

Visualize Thoughs & Ideas

Framing Loves & Memories

From idea to image, we provide not only photography and videography services, but also the ideas of how the subject been presented. 
Moreover, we do website design and online marketing services, to unleash and produce the best possible result of the works.

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Media Production and Online Marketing Services for Personal and Corporation

Media Content

Video, Photo and Sound, the most direct way to deliver information and message. Nowadays, social media platform make these media even more important.

Online Marketing & Advertising

Through visit yout social media page and website, people can know about your stuff, and you can spread your messages anytime anywhere.

Event Photography & Cinematography

Framing those precious moments in photos and videos, so you can look back and recall those happiness. Also, human’s memory is limited, and time travel is not available, yet.

Let us customize
for your need

Most effective and common type of media for expression, love, memories, information, etc. And our photography services do for wedding, event, product, potrait, building and interior design and more.

Video, also, we call it motion pictures, it combine images, sounds, words and other kinds of art. Moving object with sound makes graphics more realistic and more emotive feeling than photo does.  And our video production services do for wedding, company profile, commercial, event, interior design, short film, music video and more.

Let people find your business online, any time, anywhere. Internet is already a essential thing in our life, and before we are getting to  do or to have something, we will do some research on the internet. And, we can make your business show up when people search online.