Wedding Actual Day

A memorable day in life, on this day, family, friends and relatives come over to celebrate. Let us help you to represent those love and precious moments in photos. Someday, you look back, those memories emerge and happiness recalled.

Event & Ceremony

Grand Opening, Annual Dinner, Company Trip, Award Ceremony, no matter what event you do, give it a second life, freeze those happy moments and prouds into photos, share over the social media to let people know about it.  

Interior Design

Make a collection of your master peace work. Most of the time your customer will ask to view your portfolio before handle their house to you, please, don’t let them see the photos taken by phone, let us shoot it with our camera and do some touch up for you.


Shooting high quality product photo, make it available for printing and online viewing. And also, high resolution photo give your designer more flexible editing, they can zoom in or enlarge the image but not bluring it.


Drone photography suit for presenting property project, building outlook, landscape, factory layout and more. Also able to do 360 sphere photography, this type of photo can represent more wide angle view and able to share over Facebook.


Outdoor & indoor studio portrait shooting. Lifestyle and family photo for personal and also professional portrait shooting for business usage. Photography is not just push the shutter button, moreover light design is one of the key to compose good photo.

Professional Headshots Profile Photo

Profile photo is the first impression from you to the other. Your Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat, Linkedin…etc. should have a photo that represent your proffesional, career or personality.